Deeper Life Church Ministries

Music & Performing Arts

A form of communication used to compel lost souls to come to Christ, to reclaim the backslidden, and to strengthen the believer through the truth of the scripture by way of drama.

Puppet Ministry is a ministry that ministers to the young as well as the young at heart.  This ministry uses puppets to give a visual picture to biblical truths and applications and how they are used to perfect the life of Christians and their society.  These performances give encouragement, understanding and instructions with a season or realism and humor that leave you with joy to be strengthened.

Mime Ministry
A form of communications by anointed, God-given body language, acting without speaking. To portray a variety of people and depict events using only body, face and hands in universally understandable gestures. Actions should be ministered on a level where on void of hearing would be able to understand and be blessed.

Music Department
Music Ministry consists of musicians, praise team, adult choir, mass choir and soundtrack.  The purpose of this ministry is to reach the hearts of people through music.  Every soul that enters the doors of Deeper Life Church Ministries is important to us.  If lives can be changed, soothed or brought to a state of conviction through the singing of THE WORD, then we want to do so.  Music Ministry may also set the mind of the people to receive the preached word.  We believe that God can change the hearts of men through song ministry as well as through the preached WORD.  Our mindset every Sunday morning is to usher in the presence of the Lord.


Angels of Praise– utilize dance as praise and worship to honor the holiness and supremacy of God. Compelled to create and minister dance that focuses on edification, deliverance, healing, salvation and warfare. (Ages 7-11 Years old)

Inspirational Dancers- minister to God through praise and worship invoking God’s presence. As we praise through dance, we expect the Holy Spirit to move upon God’s people to bring deliverance and life.           (Ages 12 & Up)

Women of Worship- minister to the people of God as a whole through Inspirational and spiritual dance.


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