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Deeper Life Church Ministries had its physical beginning in the home of Pastor Norbert E. Simmons and First Lady Daisy Simmons, 1214       South Andrews Avenue, Goldsboro N.C. in the evening of September 19, 1984. At that time, the church was known as “Deeper Life United Holy Church.” The following were present at this meeting: Pastor Norbert Simmons, First Lady Daisy Simmons, Deacon Larry and Edna Artis, Elder John Wootson, Brother Cleanie Grant, Sister Alnora Beamon, Sister Marjorie Daniels.


There was an overwhelming manifestation of the Holy Spirit during this meeting. Many prophecies went forth, spiritual as well as physical strength was renewed, and Pastor Simmons was urged to heed the “Macedonian Call.” Regarding the temporary site as “the Store House,” those assembled brought $956.65 in tithes into “the Store House.” On the second Sunday, in December 1984, the first service of Deeper Life United Holy Church was held in St. James African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, located at 21 West Elm Street in Goldsboro, N.C. The ministry moved from there into our first location. After much searching, God showed First Lady a particular building in a dream, which we became the residents of for six years. After coming to Slocumb Street, we grew from the original 9 to 300. After a year on Slocumb Street, the membership increased to about 500 and we are continually growing.

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